Incentivizing Just Actions

I wonder… maybe naively… can we [or should we] implement convergence technologies [AI, AR, VR] in such a way that incentivizes everyone to act justly? To put it more crudely, can we use these technologies to harness primal human self-interest to incentivize a particular ethics [the best way to live]? More specifically, the suggestion that a healthy society arises when the individual is unified with others, if we accept that being unified with others means that we share in each other’s achievements and failures. [There are seeds of this in the “sharing economy,” but untethered from economic transactions] In this way, when we are unified, ignoring another’s good is irreconcilable with our happiness and necessitates considering our own good, and others, when we act. Conversely, can we [or should we] use these technologies to de-incentivize behaving unjustly towards others? Theoretically, individuals can be motivated to act justly since it is in their interest, which does not need to be veiled, for example, in contra-distinction to the current socio-behavioral model of consumptive advertising, which often resorts to subliminal and coercive persuasions.