R&D Fridays

Heavy Projects is pleased to announce that Adam Goodchild has joined the team full time as our first Technology Director.  Adam originally studied game development at Uni, and then went to work for an innovative UK studio where, in 6 short years, he became the senior developer on all of their AR & VR projects, ranging from commercial Hololens deployments to bespoke book companions.  But on the side, Adam kept working with Heavy Projects doing our large outdoor (city-wide) installations until he joined our team permanently in March.

And with this momentous shift in staffing, Adam is already bringing changes to the Heavy Projects technology practice.  We are always looking for new technologies to test out, integrate into demos, and present to clients for future projects but we had no formal method for this - it was purely opportunistic based on what we found on one day, or what kind of problem was presented by a client engagement on another. But shortly after joining the company, Adam stressed the importance of more rigorous and applied Research and Development and what it means for the company.

R&D Fridays was born.

Every Friday we are working on a new piece of technology to see what it can offer and whether it’s worthy of presenting to our clients. This could range from hardware to software, be project based or simply investigating one of the topics of conversation on our team’s “Emerging Tech” Slack channel. But what the end result will provide is a better understanding within the company about the topic of choice.

Research and Development is important for a number of reasons - familiarity with innovation is obviously one.  But Heavy Projects was born of new technology, and BC, Adam, Chris and the whole Heavy team thrives on it. Giving members of our team the time to work on R&D projects keeps us engaged and excited about the future - we’re helping build it, after all.

We have a company backlog of 15+ topics to tackle, which are constantly being re-prioritised based on weekly trends within the industry. If you have a product or piece of technology you’d like Heavy Projects to play with, please get in touch using the contact form on the website. Or if you fancy a chat with us about a project you’re imagining, we are always willing to listen. We might have a solution.

Welcome to Adam Goodchild - CTO, Heavy Projects

Adam Goodchild